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We are proud to offer quality cosmetic dentures here in Lincoln,NE . Discovering you may need them can be tough, especially if it’s happened sooner than you expected. However, there’s no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed. Teeth can deteriorate for many different reasons, so this can happen to anyone.


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Quality of Cosmetic Dentures

Not all dentures are created equally. In fact, some dentures can even do more harm than good! Cheap dentures aren’t always made to fit the owner’s mouth, and they can end up moving around, causing poor retention and sores in your mouth. Because of this, it’s crucial to get your dentures through a dentist who knows what he or she is doing. At Southpointe Dental, we are committed to getting you a high-quality pair of dentures that will give you a lasting confidence boost.


How We Select Cosmetic Dentures For Our Patients

Every face is different, so every set of cosmetic dentures must be made custom for each patient. It’s important to make your smile look natural and fit your personality. For this reason, we take very precise measurements of your facial structure when selecting dentures with patients. We value your input too, and we’re willing to work with you on crafting the perfect smile.

Differentiating Factors of Cosmetic Dentures

There are three factors associated with how cosmetic dentures look and feel for the patient who wears them.


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The shape of the teeth used in dentures – The shape of the dentures should look realistic and similar to your teeth.

The materials used the make the dentures – As we mentioned before, cheap dentures often use “filler materials” to create less durable and more cost-effective dentures. At Southpointe Dental, we only use the highest quality acrylic nano-hybrid in our dentures, which resists chipping and lasts longer than cheaper materials.

The colors of your teeth – To give patients the most authentic look possible, we match denture colors to the natural color of your teeth.

Read more about cosmetic dentures here: http://www.deardoctor.com/articles/removable-full-dentures/index.php


Common Questions About Cosmetic Dentures:

How Much Do Cosmetic Dentures Cost?

A cheap pair of dentures can cost as low as $300-$500. However, this doesn’t include the costs of future visits in repairing and replacing dentures, which is incredibly common with these low-end dentures. A high-quality set of dentures can cost $2000 or $3000 but will last longer and look better, due to the custom-fit built for your face. The price also includes a temporary set of dentures during your recovery.

Do You Offer Payment Plans for cosmetic dentures?

At Southpointe Dental, we offer payment plans through Landing Club and Care Credit. Patients can apply for these payment plans before having dentures put in.



When will I get my cosmetic dentures after having my teeth extracted?

We immediately provide you with a pair of dentures as we finish crafting your permanent dentures. As we mentioned before, this temporary pair comes with the cost of your permanent dentures. We also value open communication, so we check in with our patients regularly as we create their dentures.

Cosmetic dentures don’t just replace your teeth – they give you the confidence you deserve to continue leading a happy, healthy life. If your smile needs a makeover, don’t feel embarrassed to call our dentists today to set up a consultation. We’re cosmetic dentures specialists here in Lincoln, NE to make you satisfied with your smile again. We’ll have you smiling confidently in no time!

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Wishing you health and happiness,

Dr.Kathryn Alderman

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