Dr. Sydney Joyce

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Dr. Sydney Joyce:

Blending Cosmetic and Family Dentistry for A Beautiful, Healthier You.

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Are you looking for a well-educated, committed to excellence, gentle family and cosmetic dentist in Lincoln, NE, who cares about your smile appearance and your overall health?

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Dr. Sydney Joyce, our cosmetic dentist in Lincoln, NE, views every patient as a guest visiting the office. This Lincoln, NE family dentist offers all the amenities to assure comfortable dental experience for you: Noise canceling headphone, TVs during treatment, Netflix shows to choose from, blankets, Saturday appointments, and many other amenities.

This family and cosmetic dentist performs all the routine family dentistry procedures, such as gum treatments, comprehensive exams, metal-free fillings, beautiful ceramic crowns, professional teeth whitening, implant restorations, implants dentures, children’s dentistry and everything in between. Dr. Sydney Joyce prides herself on being professional, efficient and extremely gentle.

Dr. Sydney Joyce is committed to constantly learning about most recent advances in dentistry while providing exceptional gentle care to her patients.

Every year, Dr. Joyce attends hours of continuing education classes. By consistently Improving her skills, Dr. Joyce keeps her patients comfortable while producing a beautiful result. Besides committed to lifetime learning about latest dental research, technology, and treatment, Dr. Sydney Joyce has made it her number one priority to help people regain their confidence with their smile so that they can enjoy life again.

Dr. Sydney Says:

“There are many reasons why people avoid smiling, from unwanted gaps between teeth to minor chips and staining. Some even avoid laughing and smiling because they inherited an unhealthy smile. Can you imagine trying not to smile?  People have conscious and subconscious ways of preventing and covering up their smile. While it may seem like an exaggeration to state that a confident smile can change someone’s life, it’s truly not.

You really cannot know unless you have lived with a smile that embarrasses you. It seems very sad to me but, it is also something that motivates me to learn new and better techniques every year to help patients to gain confidence to smile.” 
– Dr. Sydney Joyce

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The proof is in the patient’s happy testimonials. Dr. Sydney Joyce, your cosmetic dentist, has witnessed patients crying tears of pure joy after completing a smile makeover. This Lincoln, NE dentist says it is almost as if those patients have been set free to live their life again.

One of the most popular smile makeover procedures performed by Dr. Sydney Joyce is a procedure called “instant orthodontics.” Rather than taking two years to straighten out teeth with traditional braces, instant orthodontics allows severely crooked, stained or misshapen teeth to be fixed in as little as two weeks.

Our Lincoln, NE family and cosmetic dentist, uses veneers for this procedure. Veneers in Lincoln, NE are not only extremely durable but easy to maintain and they instantly can change the color, shape or size of teeth to its ideal form permanently. Veneers are a fast becoming, attractive alternative to spending years wearing braces. After getting dental veneers, patients have a wonderful new smile that looks beautiful and completely natural!

Dr. Sydney says: “Your smile is not negligible; it can be a source of pride and confidence. A healthy smile speaks confidence and is an integral part of a healthy person.

I can blend cosmetic and family dentistry in Lincoln, NE for a more beautiful, healthier you, all while creating a positive and gratifying dental experience.

I want to be a part of your healthy lifestyle and help you improve the quality of your life which I believe I can do by making you more confident in your smile.”

Patient Testimonials

Timeless Smile and Your Options

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Check out our Timeless Smile digital magazine to see the endless possibilities of what Dr. Sydney Joyce can do for your smile. Would you like a brighter smile?

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