Dental Veneers and Your Smile

Is Your Tooth Bonding Breaking Down? It many be time for Dental veneers.

We know that when it come to making any decision regarding your smile-you want to be well-informed and understandably so. At SouthPointe Dental we get it! In our article we’ll cover:

– Does smiling make you more confident? See how a smile can affect self-esteem.

– What are the most common dental problems? Common conditions that affect a smile.

– What are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry?
Solutions, like veneers, enhance any smile!

Self-esteem is unconditionally tied to how we perceive ourselves; this includes how we perceive our appearance–thus, our smile. It undoubtedly affects our moods and how we interact in social and business relationships. Common conditions that impact negatively on our smiles can be cracked, broken, or worn teeth; missing teeth; discolored teeth; decayed teeth; “gummy” smiles; and unwanted gaps between your teeth. Dental veneers, a form of cosmetic dentistry, can fix almost any minor dental problem, and they are able to give you the smile that you really want.

veneers before


veneers after


The above image is a “veneers before and after.” Do note that this particular individual chose to have a combination of porcelain veneers along with a bleaching [tooth whitening] procedure for the other teeth.

We know every patient and their own specific circumstance is unique and must be considered on their own merits. There are many factors that you and your “dentist near me” will discuss when considering dental veneers, such as your oral habits, your bite (occlusion), the available space inside your mouth, the health of your gum tissue, and the severity of your dental concern. Also, your dentist should always consider your own expectations for your new smile.

Some people may consider using resin composites, or white fillings, instead of dental veneers. While bonding teeth with resin composites does have some advantages, the truth is that the resin materials are not able to last as long as ceramic materials. Your porcelain dental veneers will not darken, and their surface doesn’t wear like white composites might.  If you have already had white fillings and there are now cracks, chips, or discolorations, you should consider replacing them with cosmetic dental veneers. Using these porcelain dental veneers can be preferred to placing a typical crown because it is not necessary to remove as much of the tooth structure, making the procedure less invasive.

Call our office if you think you’re a candidate for this type of procedure.

The information on this page was written by Dr. Sydney Joyce.

This gentle Lincoln, NE dentists says: “For the past years, I have been extremely privileged to be part of this great profession, which I have only grown to love more with each passing year. There is nothing more rewarding than teaching and helping my patients care for their smiles and helping them to be healthier overall. Quality dental care is my number one goal, but I also feel that patients deserve personalized care where they are given their options for treatment and can help decide what course they would like to take. While providing excellent dental care for you, I want your dental experience to be comfortable and positive.”

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