Dentist open on Saturdays?


Are you looking for  a dentist open on Saturdays?

Are you looking for a dentist near me open on Saturdays? As if it wasn’t already enough of a struggle to get to the dentist, most people have to take time off of work to make it into the dentist. Most people will agree that getting things done during the week can be difficult. Although you may be able to schedule dinner for your kids, you can’t always schedule when you’re going to need a root canal.

At Southpointe Dental, our Lincoln dentist is open on Saturdays to accommodate your family’s needs. We’re open Saturdays because we understand that Lincoln is a busy place, filled with talented and successful people. We proudly partner with Lincoln Family Dentistry to provide dental care for many of Lincoln’s most hard-working families.

We offer cosmetic care, dental cleanings, and emergency dental care on Saturdays. With extended hours on weeknights and an open office on Saturday, Southpointe works hard to keep your teeth shining brightly so that you can focus on what’s important – your family, your career, and your life.


Lincoln Family Dentist In Your Community

Southpointe Dental is just one of four convenient dental offices in Lincoln for you to choose from. Call us today at 402-423-3333 or make an appointment online at any of our Lincoln Family Dentistry locations.

Our Lincoln Family Dentists believe that:

We believe that Healthy Mouth = Healthier You

We are about overall health awareness

We are about connection between dentistry and the overall health

We are about healthier community

We are about education

We try to create a positive experience for each patient and cater to patients scared of the dentist. We understand that dentistry can be intimating and we do everything possible to change the negative perception of dentists.

We hope to see you soon at our office!

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