A Guide to Broken Dentures and Denture Repair


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Patients with conventional dentures will say that chewing and talking can already be a difficult task, add in a denture that is cracked or broken, and these tasks can be even more difficult if not impossible.

As with so many things in life, your dentures have probably broken at the most inopportune time like right before a special event or presentation at work. Not that anytime is really a good time, but you will want more than ever to have a denture repair as quickly as possible.


Below we’ll explore why and how dentures break; we’ll discuss what some denture repair options are as well as replacement options that would enable you to avoid conventional dentures.

Denture Repair: Why do dentures break?

There is a host of reasons why your dentures can break. It could be that perhaps they were not a great fit to begin with. Because you no longer have the roots of your teeth, you actually lose bone in your jaw over time.

If your dentures are not replaced on a regular basis – 7 years is usually the maximum you should go with one set of dentures – as your jaw bone and facial structure change, it will cause your dentures to become ill fitting.

When dentures do not fit correctly, you not only lose confidence in your smile and ability to chew, but it also makes them much more prone to breaking.

Dentures also break because there is nothing stronger than your natural teeth. Dentures are made from acrylic, metal, or a combination of the two and do, unfortunately, deteriorate over time.

Through constant handling, talking, chewing, etc. combined with being in a moist environment, the metal or acrylic materials simply break down and become more susceptible to stain, wear, cracks, and breaking.

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Denture Repair: What is the best denture repair kit at home? 

It is possible to repair small cracks at home. If your denture is severely damaged or cracked, it is best to see our dentists as soon as possible. They can repair your denture or, if necessary, make a new set for you.

The best denture repair kit at home is listed below. You can find it anywhere in a store near you.



Denture Repair: How do dentures become damaged or broken?

As mentioned above, dentures can break because the materials are worn out. Once the materials in your dentures begin to wear out, a bite into something that you have never had a problem biting into before may suddenly cause one of the teeth in the denture to crack or break off. This can also happen when chewing if the denture no longer fits well.

Fitting dentures may fall out of the mouth or you may accidentally drop them in the sink or on the floor when you take them out to clean them. This can cause them to crack, a tooth or teeth to come out, or for the denture to break completely.

Stains and chips can also happen over time, though these do not constitute a dental emergency per se, making an appointment to get them looked at can help you resolve the problem and be more confident about your smile again.


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