Do Root Canals Hurt?


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Do Root Canals Hurt?

5 facts about root canals

1.  Root canals should be comfortable.

The topic involving root canals can be enough to send someone into dental anxiety. The good news is that a root canal should be a comfortable procedure.  When you have an infection in the tooth’s pulp, it can be quite uncomfortable. If the discomfort goes away, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the infection is healed. The tooth’s pulp consists of nerves and blood vessels. So when the pulp dies, the discomfort will generally subside. Don’t take it lightly, because other symptoms could be occurring. Facial swelling and oozing pus could be what your experiencing. This all happens when the infection makes it’s way further into roots. If you are someone who suffers from dental anxiety, looking into getting a root canal can still an option for you. Our office caters to patients with dental anxiety and offers oral sedation as an option.

2. Root canals should not hurt

You would think root canals would be extremely uncomfortable, but if everything is done correctly, it shouldn’t hurt. The procedure is designed to eliminate discomfort rather than cause it. Before a root canal is in full swing, the area around the tooth is numbed. So, getting a root canal should feel just like a cavity filled. If root canals give you feelings of dental anxiety our office in Lincoln, NE would love to work with you. We offer oral sedation and cater to patients suffering from dental anxiety.

We are happy to discuss all treatment options before undergoing root canals. To schedule an appointment with our “Lincoln Dentist near me,” please call our office, and we would be happy to schedule you.

3. Aftercare: Discomfort after a root canal

After root canals, it is normal to have some discomfort or sensitivity. If you need a little boost with relief, ask your dentist about an over-the-counter medication. Make sure to treat your tooth will care, because that tooth is still capable of getting cavities and gum disease just like all of your other teeth. All teeth should be well taken care of, but it is especially important to keep great dental hygiene on teeth with root canals; this includes both brushing and flossing! If you are experiencing any discomfort after a root canal, please contact a Lincoln emergency dentist near you.

4. Protecting your teeth after root canals

Teeth after root canals are also more brittle long term, so they should be covered with a full-coverage crown. If your teeth with root canals do not have crowns contact our Lincoln Dentist to find out if crowns can be made for your root canals.

5. What is an alternative to a root canal?

The other and only alternative to a root canal is a removal of the tooth. When your tooth is removed, your other teeth will start to shift, making them change the look of your smile. To avoid this, look into getting a root canal or consider a dental implant. A dental implant is the number one alternative to having root canals due to it being a long term fix, keeping your other teeth from shifting, and preventing any loss of function. When many teeth are in need of root canals or extractions implant dentures are considered a great option. Extractions of all teeth is not a great option unless a replacement is considered due to bone loss, inability to properly chew, and long-term poor health from malnutrition. Implant dentures allow a smile that you desire to have while preventing loss of bone and maintaining the chewing ability.  Being able to chew your food allows you to still be able to consume foods you like, get the proper nutrition you need, and maintain your overall systemic health that is needed for long, healthy life. Contact our Lincoln Dentist near you for advice on what would be an excellent option for your current situation.

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