Do you have a dental emergency?


Do you have a dental emergency? Call now to see an emergency dentist. 

Oh no! Did you crack a tooth or are experiencing pain in your mouth or jaw? There are some simple things you can do when you encounter a tooth issue. With the right course of action when the dreaded tooth problem occurs, you can find some temporary relief and prevent additional damage. How do you know if your pain means you need to see an emergency dentist? I will outline the most common situations where you need to seek emergency dental care.

  1. In the case you have bitten into something and your tooth breaks, it is important to keep your broken part(s), rinse with warm water, and with a cold compress, hold it to the outside area of your cheek. This will help with swelling and discomfort while you wait for your emergency appointment. A cold compress will also aid in discomfort in the case of a broken jaw.
  2. If your tooth has been completely knocked out, and after rinsing it you cannot hold it in place, let it soak in a glass of milk. If your gums are painful, swollen and you notice a small bump and pain is not remedied by rinsing with salt water, you may have a dental abscess. In all these instances, call our dentists immediately for an emergency dental care.
  3. There are times where you might have leftover food stuck in your teeth or a sudden toothache. First rinse with warm water and if you cannot gently remove the substance with dental floss, then contact emergency dentist.
  4. When you lose a crown, first try dental cement and afterwards contact our emergency dentist.

You may be wondering why you are experiencing these pains or issues. As we age, the filling inside our teeth changes its size due to changes in temperature while eating and drinking. When this happens, the combination of exterior pressure and a wrong bite might just crack a tooth. Sometimes the inside of our teeth becomes thin and weak. Another reason people experience more broken teeth is if you are a teeth grinder. This habit is called bruxism and teeth fractures are then more common.  When any of the dental emergencies happen, we make every attempt to save your tooth! In the unfortunate incident the tooth has broken in several places and cannot be saved, we can offer a tooth replacement option with an implant or a dental bridge.

Do not hesitate to contact me or your nearest Lincoln Family Dentist’s office if you find yourself in a dental emergency and even if you have a dental emergency on Saturday.

If you have a dental emergency on Saturday please call 402-304-3549

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