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Here we will explore some extreme smile makeover stories. Many patients feel self-conscious about their smile. They do not realize that in most cases something can be done. You can change your smile! You can have a dental makeover and transform your teeth into your dream smile! The following patients had dental concerns including chipped teeth, gummy smile, missing teeth, discolored or yellowing teeth, short teeth, and teeth weakened by cavities. These dental makeovers will show you how the dentists near me at SouthPointe Dental in south Lincoln can make your smile wish a reality. A dental makeover can be as simple as professional whitening, or more involved with dental implants. No matter the dental makeover procedure, even the smallest changes to your smile can give you the confidence you have been looking for!

This dental makeover patient came in for a check up after not visiting the dentist in years. Sadly, decay had taken its toll on her teeth. The patient was self-conscious about her smile but was afraid nothing could be done. For her dental makeover, decay was removed and crowns were placed. This strengthened the teeth that decay had weakened. It also gave a beautiful result the patient could be confident in.

Extreme Smile Makeover
Replacing Old Fillings

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This dental makeover patient had major discoloration. He also had some slightly misshapen teeth. He chose to not only whiten his teeth, but take his dental makeover to the next level. Misshapen teeth were capped with porcelain crowns and in office professional bleaching was performed.

The following dental makeover patient grinds her teeth. Over time this did damage. Grinding caused small chips and an uneven appearance. In this case dental crowns were placed to strengthen the teeth and restore a beautiful, even smile. To protect her dental makeover, a mouthguard was also given to the patient to protect her teeth from grinding damage.

Comfortable Night Guard

Along with years of living with gapped and “short” teeth, this dental makeover patient was in an accident. This caused severe trauma to his lower front teeth. He had to have what was left of those teeth removed. Dental implants were placed to replace the missing teeth. The patient chose to not only replace his lower front teeth, but also correct his gapped teeth. The result is breathtaking and is one of our favorite extreme dental makeovers.

Extreme Smile Makeover
Dental Veneers

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This dental makeover patient wanted an overall uniform smile that was straight, fresh and white. He was striving for a more professional and youthful appearance. He was able to achieve the results through dental veneers. These thin veneers only require minimal removal of tooth structure. A small change, but the end result of a dental makeover like this can be life changing!

Smile Makeover:
Transforming Your Gummy Smile

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This dental makeover patient had what many refer to as a “gummy smile”. Her teeth appeared too short. Really, she just had too much gum tissue. That tissue was covering healthy tooth structure underneath. With an easy gum recontouring procedure and porcelain dental veneers, her dental makeover was simple and straightforward with a gorgeous result!

Extreme Smile Makeover
Replacing a tooth with a dental bridge

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Simply looking at the final result of this extreme dental makeover patient, you would never know he had never been to the dentist. Fear of the unknown caused a serious dental phobia. It took losing a tooth to periodontal disease to convince him to visit the dentist. The patient had a deep cleaning to remove years of build up above and below the gum line. After a deep cleaning to help arrest his periodontal disease, it was time for the true dental makeover restoration to begin. As far as dental makeovers go, this was one of the most drastic. This patient chose a dental implant bridge to replace his missing tooth. He wanted crowns placed on his other teeth to strengthen them and hide years of discoloration. The result of this dental makeover is almost unrecognizable from before! Another favorite dental makeover!

Extreme Smile Makeover
Teeth Whitening

This dental makeover patient had gapped front teeth and some slight staining. With graduation and interviews on the horizon, he wanted a dental makeover. He wanted a dental makeover that would help him be taken seriously by a potential employer. Dental veneers along with professional teeth whitening gave him a beautiful smile that he could be confident in. Another simple dental makeover that made a big impact on the patient.

Extreme Smile Makeover
Replacing a Missing Tooth with an Implant

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This next dental makeover patient had been wearing partial dentures to fill in spaces created by teeth lost over the years. His dental makeover included having dental implants placed. Along with the missing spaces, he had some excessive gum tissue and had ground his teeth down by grinding them at night. Crowns were placed to give a beautiful, natural smile that helped the patient smile again without hesitation.


After years of uneven and crooked teeth, this patient wanted a dental makeover that would not take a long time to complete. She wanted straight teeth without braces. A combination of porcelain veneers and professional whitening gave her a beautiful dental makeover in a few weeks instead of years!

Due to a sports injury, this patient broke his tooth. With root canal therapy and a dental crown, his smile makeover restored his smile. The patient also chose to get at home bleaching trays. Bleaching at home enabled him to keep his smile looking youthful and fresh. With a higher bleach concentration than what is found in stores, his result was a whiter smile that lasts longer.

The following dental makeover patient had a gummy smile and a gap in her front teeth. Her dental makeover included gum recontouring and crowns. This gave a natural length to the teeth and closed the gap. The dental makeover was a quick solution that gave the patient joy and confidence she had never had before!

A dental abscess brought this patient in. He left, however, with a fantastic dental makeover. Teeth can be worn down over time. And, just like the rest of our bodies, our teeth age as well. They can become a light brown or yellow color based on your diet. Once the patient had the infection removed, a crown was placed to protect the tooth from breaking. After his root canal, the patient opted for a dental makeover. He had crowns placed on multiple teeth and teeth whitening done. This dental makeover gave him a more youthful appearance while still looking natural.

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This dental makeover patient came in for a free cosmetic evaluation. He wanted a dental makeover but was unsure what he needed. He was concerned about how short his teeth appeared. He also did not like the discoloration that had taken place over the years. The patient chose both dental veneers and professional whitening to complete his extreme dental makeover.

This dental makeover patient is another example of the drastic difference gum recontouring can make. Overall he had a nice, healthy smile. He never liked his short teeth, but did not think anything could be done to change it. After visiting with his cosmetic dentist, he learned about gum recontouring. The extra gum tissue was removed using a precision laser. With the advanced technology, it was an easy and comfortable experience for the patient. His teeth were prepared and crowns were placed. The end result of this dental makeover was exactly what the patient was hoping for. A more masculine smile that was also whiter and more beautiful than before.

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Every dental makeover is unique. These dental makeovers are just an example of what can be done. Our cosmetic dentists can provide a free cosmetic evaluation. They will give you options on how to change your smile and complete your dental makeover. You can then choose the option that suits you and your budget best. Affordable dentistry is an important part of being able to achieve your dental makeover. Convenient payment options and caring, gentle dentists are just a few things that make SouthPointe Dental a premier dental office. You do not have to live with a smile you are not proud of. Contact us today to get started on your very own dental makeover!

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