Types of Metal Free Crowns?

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Nickel-Free, Beautiful Crowns in Lincoln, NE

Are you looking for a nickel-free dental crown in Lincoln, NE?

It is common to have allergies or sensitivities to metals, particularly nickel? Nickel is a common material that has been used in dentistry for many years. We avoid placing nickel containing dental crowns for patients with any metal sensitivity.

A nickel-free crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is used to cover a malformed or decayed tooth. If a tooth is not lost but damaged, a metal-free crown is helpful to restore the tooth. A nickel-free dental crown can fix the tooth shape and size while making it stronger. When a tooth is so extensively broken down that fillings can not solve the problems, a metal-free crown is needed to keep it healthy and restore its appearance.

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What Types of Problems Can a Nickel-Free Crown Fix?

A nickel-free crown is used to protect teeth with large fillings or teeth that are cracked.  Metal-free crowns look beautiful and can restore broken or misshapen teeth making them more durable.

What Types of Nickel-Free Crowns are Available?

The type of a nickel-free crown you might need depends on the tooth that is needing the crown. Our Lincoln dentists offer two types of metal-free dental crowns available.

A Zirconia crown is a nickel- free crown

A very strong material that is known for its durability is zirconium, which is what makes up a Zirconia Crown. This material rarely causes an allergic reaction or rejection from the body. It has a translucent appearance, and it is hard to tell the difference between this crown and the natural teeth. These nickel-free dental crowns can be modified to fit in perfectly with the shape and size of the teeth that will be next to it in the mouth.

E-max crown is a nickel- free crown

This metal-free crown that offers the greatest durability and aesthetic appearance is the E-max crown. Those metal-free crowns are made of block lithium disilicate ceramic. This nickel-free metal crown offers a life-like shape and natural white color, which means they are ideal for tooth restoration. E-max crowns are metal-free crowns, so there is no chance of a gray metal line showing up along your gums. Those metal-free crowns are extremely strong and long-lasting.

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What Steps are Involved in Applying a Nickel-Free Dental Crown?

Our Lincoln dentist will place a metal-free crown in two separate appointments.

First Visit: Examination and Application of a Temporary Nickel-Free Crown

The first dental appointment our Lincoln dentist will examine the damaged tooth. At this dental visit, the tooth will be shaped., an impression will then be taken of the tooth, and a temporary crown will be placed on it.

This temporary crown will protect your tooth until your final permanent nickel-free dental crown is ready. Before you return for your second visit, a dental laboratory will fabricate the permanent nickel-free dental crown. Your final metal-free crown should fit your mouth and blend it naturally with the rest of your teeth.

Maintenance: How long does a nickel-free crown last?

A nickel-free crown is strong, and it can last between 5-25 years. To take care of your new metal-free crown, treat it like your natural teeth. You must floss and brush them regularly to prevent a cavity from developing under it. You shouldn’t bite hard objects or wear a nightguard if you grind your teeth. The success of your investment in a nickel-free crown is determined by proper oral hygiene.

What is the cost for metal-free crowns in Lincoln, NE?

We work very hard in offering affordable dentistry at our locations. We keep our prices low by accepting PPO dental insurances, offering dental payment plans and payment options.  The average price for a metal-free crown in Lincoln, Nebraska is $800-$1000. If you have dental insurance, your plan may cover a portion of the cost for a metal-free crown.

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