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Do root canals hurt? Is there a root canal dentist near me?

Do you think your tooth needs to have a root canal? If you are searching for a root canal dentist in Lincoln, NE who can perform a gentle, affordable root canal, Dr. Kathryn Alderman is one of our top rated dentists who can help you. Usually when people think of a root canal, they imagine a very painful and tedious dental procedure. The truth is, root canal treatment can be a comfortable and easy experience. Dr. Kathryn is a gentle root canal dentist in Lincoln, NE who has successfully treated hundreds of teeth with root canal treatment while giving patients a comfortable dental experience. She can make your root canal appointment pain-free. When your treatment is complete, any pain you were previously experiencing will be gone. 


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How can I prevent my teeth from needing root canal treatment?

The best way to prevent your teeth from needing extensive dental treatment like root canal therapy is to practice excellent oral hygiene by brushing twice a day, flossing daily and rinsing with an antimicrobial rinse like Listerine. Regularly seeing your dentist for checkups and professional cleanings will help to identify and treat any early dental conditions before they would require more extensive treatment like root canal therapy. Cavities do not hurt until they become very deep and require more extensive treatment. Patients who have not seen a dentist regularly may not even know they have underlying dental conditions like cavities and gum disease because these conditions do not cause symptoms until they are in a more advanced stage, requiring root canal therapy and teeth to be removed.

Dr. Kathryn Alderman wants patients to know that if they do have a large cavity or a fractured tooth that does require a root canal to save the tooth, she can treat their tooth quickly and comfortably. After your root canal, we can help you maintain your dental health by seeing you regularly.


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What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is not a type of dental procedure, but rather, it is an anatomical structure located in your gums beneath the tooth.  Each of your teeth contains between one and four root canals.  In each of these canals, there can be found dental pulp, blood vessels, connective tissues, and a collection of nerves.  If this pulp were to become infected, the pain could be almost unbearable. Root canal therapy is then recommended by our Lincoln dentists.

During root canal therapy, the dental pulp is taken out, and the remaining tooth structure is sealed.  This is the only way in which most of the tooth can be saved.  If an infected dental pulp is left untreated, the tooth will eventually die and need to be extracted.  If this were to happen to you, Dr.Kathryn Alderman would discuss your options for replacing the missing tooth; dental implants would be the preferred method of replacement.  However, it is always best to preserve your natural teeth if you are able.


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Root Canal Problems

Most cavities do not have symptoms and do not hurt.  When a cavity goes untreated, it spreads and grows.  When is reaches the root canal space, it is then very easy for bacteria to get inside the canal and infect the delicate dental pulp located within it.  What started as a minor dental issue has now become a much bigger and more costly problem that must be treated by your root canal dentist in Lincoln, NE before the infection spreads.

How can I avoid root canal problems?

It might take a little effort, but root canal problems can be avoided quite easily.  You should always follow a strict oral hygiene regimen so that plaque does not build up and begin eroding the enamel of your teeth.  If you regularly participate in recreational activities, or if you clench and grind your teeth while sleeping, you should discuss with our root canal dentist in Lincoln, NE about getting a custom-fitted mouth guard.  This would help protect your teeth from cracking or being ground down.  Always visit your dentist twice a year so that your dentist can see any potential oral health issues in their early stages before they progress and become more extensive and costly.


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Do root canals hurt?

Dr. Kathryn Alderman will do everything possible to assure a patient’s comfort during a root canal by giving adequate anesthesia and performing the procedure and in an efficient way. Dr. Kathryn Alderman believes that root canals should be painless, and her minimally-invasive approach helps her toward this goal.


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