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Christie Brinkley and Her Super Model Smile Tips


According to an article in Dear Doctor Dentistry and Oral Health, a patient education magazine, Christie Brinkley has one of the most beautiful and recognizable faces in the world and her smile radiates health and beauty. In her latest interview with Dear Doctor, she credits her smile for her success in the modeling industry. She is a believer in the power of a smile. A smile makes everyone beautiful! She states that it is the greatest gift we give each other-an expression of friendship, love, and peace.

Christie won the aesthetic lottery with her supermodel smile. She credits her good genes from her mother, good oral hygiene, and regular dental visits. The only major dental work she has had is two dental implants as a result of a bad helicopter crash. The implant technology that is available today has kept her mouth looking and feeling as natural as before the implants.

When asked to give advice to individuals hoping to get into modeling but have a poor smile, she suggests getting an opinion from your dentist. She also suggests keeping your teeth as natural as possible, allowing your teeth to complement your face.

When asked about her beauty secrets, Christie told Dear Doctor magazine, “I always say my beauty secret is to smile… It’s instantly UPLIFTING… Both for the face and the spirit! And today my theory has been scientifically proven, that a smile actually releases chemicals into our brain that makes us feel immediately happier! So go out and SMILE!”

So take advice from one of the most beautiful smiles in the world — take care of your smile, express it often, and let your beauty shine!

Full article on Smile Tips from this Super Model

A few other tips from your Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist, Dr.Sydney Joyce.

1. Relax- a smile reveals facial muscles naturally lifting upward from the corner of your lips to your eyebrows, the mouth is often open.

2. Plump lips-avoid over contouring lips with a pencil. Go for a more natural shimmer. The reflection makes the lips look fuller or try a mouth moisturizer-well-hydrated lips always appear fuller.

3. Brighten your teeth in seconds-try a lipstick in true reds, avoid shades of orange and coral…they bring out the yellow in your teeth.

4. Talk to your dental professional about whitening. Go white…just not too, too white. Refrigerator white teeth are out. Instead go for a softer, more translucent shade. As a cosmetic dentist, I would use a shade guide to show you the current shade of your teeth and the shade they can become with whitening. From there, I can help you choose a great whitening option and can offer tips on how to maintain your ideal light tooth shade.

5. Add a slight sparkle to your eyes-Smear a little shimmer eye shadow below your brows and down onto the lids, every time you blink your eyes will sparkle.

6. Get plenty of rest. An exhausted, puffy face is contoured in the wrong places and detracts from the natural steppe of facial muscles radiating upward from a relaxed smile.

Your Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist,

Dr. Sydney Joyce (Unzicker)

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