Teeth Whitening Process

Teeth Whitening Process


Recognizing that the appearance of your teeth can be a source of worry and consternation for individuals, we at Lincoln Family Dentistry aim to help our patients achieve a confident smile with our professional teeth whitening process.

Our dentists at Lincoln Family Dentistry assist you in achieving whiter and brighter teeth through the patented Opalescence Whitening System, which has been found to be superior to other conventional whitening systems with regards to longevity of results and post-treatment sensitivity. Together with the professional level of care offered by Lincoln Family Dentistry, we offer unparalleled teeth whitening services, the results of which are both instant and long lasting.

Teeth Whitening Process

Our Teeth Whitening Process comprises of an initial evaluation of your dental structure. An appointment will be made for you during which our dentists will perform an oral examination and take an X-ray image of your teeth to assess the suitability of this procedure for you.

For suitable candidates, a mold of your teeth will be made on the day and sent to our laboratory for fabrication of your personalized whitening trays. These trays will later be provided to you at no charge in order to assist you in maintaining the results of your teeth whitening process.

On the day of your  teeth whitening procedure, our dentists will perform a two-step treatment of your teeth that involves polishing your teeth followed by a whitening treatment utilizing your custom made trays. Every treatment is tailored to suit the individual and the duration of time taken for each procedure will depend on the needs of the patient.

On average, the teeth whitening process is short and will take approximately 60 minutes, but will vary depending on the extent of treatment required.

A further consultation session and sensitivity reduction session will be provided after the treatment to provide information on short term sensitivity and advice on how to use your whitening solution at home.

Teeth Whitening Process and Results

The teeth whitening process is guaranteed to produce instant and noticeable changes; leaving you with whiter and brighter teeth, with the results expected to last for two years or more. Results do depend on the amount of enamel you have. If you have lots of enamel on your teeth, you  will have brighter and whiter results after teeth whitening process. And  if you have less enamel, your results will  not be as dramatic with teeth whitening process.

We will also provide a take home kit that includes your personalized trays, whitening gel and sensitivity prevention toothpaste. Regular use of the kit will significantly increase the longevity of your white teeth. For excellent results, we recommend using your personalized trays at home every 4 – 6 months.   teeth-whitening-process-lincoln-NE

Are there side affects with teeth whitening process? 
Clinical studies have revealed that there are no side effects from the treatment. Our custom made trays ensure gum protection and eliminates gum irritation altogether. Some short-term sensitivity may be experienced after the treatment but does not happen often and will recede within a few hours.

The treatment is non-invasive and can be performed repeatedly, but on average is not required any less than every 2 years.

Who is a candidate for teeth whitening process? 

Our Teeth Whitening Service is highly recommended for smokers, coffee, and red wine drinkers who have experienced discoloration of their teeth. It is also greatly suited for stubborn stains or general yellow teeth and provides much greater patient satisfaction than over-the-counter products.

We regret to say that we cannot perform this service for pregnant women, patients with advanced untreated periodontal disease, patients with deep cavities on the front or back teeth or patients under the age of 16. However, for those with existing dental conditions, this service may become available to you after initial assessment and treatment of your condition. An alternative may also be to use crowns or veneers.

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