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Professional teeth whitening system VS store-bought teeth whitening system, which is better?

Whitening remains one of the single most economical ways to enhance your smile. Statistics show teeth whitening system, have increased an incredible 300 percent in recent years! But which way is better? What system produces the most aesthetically pleasing results? How much does it cost to achieve optimal results? How much time will it take? And, how easy is the process? The answers to these questions tend to be conflicting and ambiguous.

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Why the confusion about teeth whitening system?

Any over-the-counter teeth whitening system claims to use the same ingredients and produce the same results as any professional teeth whitening system, yet the professional market claims to produce the only worthy results. The consumer is left somewhat puzzled and downright confused. Most people hesitate or hold off completely on pursuing their whitest smile due to their uncertainty and fear of wasting time and money. To shed some light, we went on a quest to answer some of the probing questions surrounding any teeth whitening system.

You can learn more about a teeth whitening system from the leading company for professional teeth whitening products, Opalescence.

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What are the factors that influence any teeth whitening system?

It’s important to know results vary a lot because a lot can impact the process, only some of which are controllable. Because of this claims surrounding whitening are difficult to make.

The following factors greatly impact the process of any teeth whitening process:

  • Initial Tooth Color/Shade impacts results of any teeth whitening system

It is documented that those with a more yellow hue have a greater response to teeth whitening than those who have more gray or brown hues to their teeth. Intrinsic gray discoloration is commonly seen in exposure to different types of medications. Tetracycline is the antibiotic most commonly associated with gray staining. Brown hues are often seen with excessive intake of fluoride, referred to as fluorosis. Fluorosis may also create a mottled or blotchy look to the enamel.  All of these factors make it difficult to achieve optimal results.

  • Unique and inherent whitening potential impacts results of any teeth whitening system

It is believed that we each have a level at which our teeth cannot whiten any more. This varies by individual and is controlled by our genes.

  • Strength of teeth whitening agent impacts results for any teeth whitening system

High concentrations of bleaching ingredients yield faster results. However, higher concentrations can also result in tooth sensitivity. Therefore, the percentage of teeth whitening system should be determined based on following factors:

  1. How sensitive your teeth are, to begin with. If you have sensitive teeth, you should consider a professional teeth whitening system.
  2. If root surfaces are exposed. If roots of your teeth are not exposed, you can use a teeth whitening system purchased at a store. If you do have any roots exposed, using store brought teeth whitening system may create lots of sensitivity and you would be happier to use a professional teeth whitening system
  3. How fast you would like to see results. In-store or over-the-counter systems have lower teeth whitening agent concentration. Any in-store- purchased teeth whitening system will take a little longer and may require more frequent touch-ups.  Any in-office teeth whitening system provides a higher concentration and a more controlled application, leading to faster whitening results.
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Who should NOT undergo the teeth whitening process?

  • Current recommendations suggest not bleaching before the age of 13. This may vary depending on the patient. Children and young adults have enlarged pulp chambers.  The bleaching process can cause these teeth to be very sensitive. If there is any question about whether it is advisable at a particular age call any of our Lincoln dentists.
  • Pregnant and lactating women are advised to avoid any teeth whitening.
  • Anyone with gum disease, broken and damaged teeth or restorations, exposed roots, incomplete dental work and/or hypersensitivity, in general, are advised to seek dental care and treatment of these conditions before beginning any teeth whitening procedure. Not addressing these conditions first may put you at risk for additional damage and serious side effects.
  • Teeth whitening is not effective or advisable for those undergoing orthodontic treatment. Teeth Whitening can be considered once treatment is completed.
  • Those who have dental work that completely covers the front surfaces of the teeth. Teeth whitening agents do not alter fillings, crowns, veneers, bridgework, and implants. Whitening will only have an effect on the natural tooth surface.
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What is the main difference between the professional teeth whitening system versus over-the-counter/in-store teeth whitening system?

Over-the-counter bleaching systems such as Crest White Strips use hydrogen peroxide to deliver bleaching effects. Professional teeth whitening systems use carbamide peroxide to deliver their bleaching effects. Hydrogen peroxide is the active form of carbamide peroxide, and 10% carbamide peroxide = 3.5% hydrogen peroxide. Carbamide peroxide is a stable compound which has a consistent shelf life and slows releases hydrogen peroxide to provide bleaching effects. Carbamide peroxide penetrates the tooth at a slower rate and can aid in more patient comfort and compliance, as well as better-controlled results.

The greatest disadvantage of whitening strips is that the strips slide around easily and produce extra sensitivity in spite of a weaker bleaching solution. They contain a maximum of 10% hydrogen peroxide. Any professional teeth whitening contains 15-45% hydrogen peroxide.

In a professional teeth whitening system the slower penetration combined with custom-fit trays often allows for a much smaller amount of sensitivity than over the counter.

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So, which teeth whitening system should you choose?

If you have sensitive teeth, yellow teeth or if you want fast teeth whitening results, you should consider our professional teeth whitening system. If you have pretty white teeth and not very sensitive teeth, you can use any over-the-counter teeth whitening system. You can learn more about teeth whitening system we use at our office. 

If you have any questions, you could see any of our Lincoln dentists at any of our Lincoln dental clinics: 

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