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In need of a total tooth replacement? Whether you’re missing just a few or all of your teeth, you may not know what you’re really missing! You’re missing out on a lifetime of confidence that you can gain from “My Smile Today”!


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Do you suffer from missing teeth?

You aren’t alone. 26% of adults will need a total tooth replacement by the age of 74, and some young people lose their teeth as early as their twenties. Fortunately for you, the “My Smile Today” dental implant solution from Nebraska Family Dentistry has you covered. With “My Smile Today,” you can avoid problems associated with traditional tooth replacement, like partial and removable dentures.

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Imagine Beautiful Teeth For Life in Just One Day

Imagine waking up in the morning with dentures and going to bed with a beautiful new smile that night! These are teeth that are anchored in place by implants, so they won’t come out. This procedure offers you a natural-looking new smile, just like the one that you dream of having. For many people, this is not a dream, but the new reality thanks to the dentists at Nebraska Family Dentistry and Nebraska Oral Facial Surgery.


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“Best Options for a Single Tooth Replacement”


Remove Teeth and Become Healthier Overall!

The presence of infected teeth can affect overall health by increasing inflammation levels in our body. This inflammation contributes to overall health issues like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s, etc. Removing infected teeth can instantly lead to a massive improvement in overall health. The permanent “My Smile Today” implant is an excellent solution for replacing all of your teeth at once.

“My Smile Today” is also called Hybrid Prosthesis. This procedure offers a total tooth replacement by utilizing multiple implants throughout the jaw to retain false teeth in your smile. This procedure restores patient access to a beautiful smile, clarity in speaking, and normal eating habits.


In one day, our dentists can help you:

Create a whole new smile.

Get rid of messy denture creams and adhesives.

Regain confidence when speaking and smiling.

Eat the foods you enjoy again, and taste them fully.


Prevent bone loss and premature facial aging.

Be free from the pain of dysfunctional teeth.

Become healthier overall by removing infected teeth.

Greatly improve the quality of your life.



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What is “My Smile Today,” and how is it different from an implant denture?

With a traditional implant denture, the denture has to be removed at night and cleaned out after meals. Unlike traditional implant dentures“My Smile Today” is a permanent, non-removable solution.

Using multiple dental implants as a foundation, “My Smile Today” is a Hybrid Prosthesis that places fully-functioning teeth inside a patient’s mouth. The revolutionary solution will give you a mouth full of teeth that will look and feel real.


My Smile Today” begins with a CAT scan, where a digital image captures the patient’s jawbone to generate a 3-D model. After getting an accurate picture of the patient’s bones, an oral surgeon (we partner with Nebraska Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery) will use software to plan the placement of implants before the patient arrives. This means significantly less time in the dental office for the patient. As a result of the high-tech software used to plan the My Smile Today” procedure, the patient’s temporary bridge can be created before they arrive. Because of this, the patient only needs to be present for a single day. In dental circles, many have called this procedure “teeth in one day,” for just that reason.

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Total Tooth Replacement Testimonials

“I was very unhappy with my denture, and I knew I needed something different. I discussed my problem with the dentist and after he answered all my questions, I felt confident to proceed with ‘My Smile Today.’ The care I received both pre-op and post-op was excellent! There was no pain and they took great care of me.”


“I find myself smiling all the time and showing off my new teeth to everyone! I also enjoy eating crunchy and healthy foods again! I’m free from the plastic plate over my palate and cheap dentures moving around when I chew. I’ve also noticed that I talk a lot better than I did when I had dentures. I used to spend so much time taking care of my dentures – the brushing, soaking, tablet, etc.- Now, that time spent on things that I actually enjoy. I highly recommend the ‘My Smile Today’ implant solution to anyone contemplating this type of procedure. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself!”


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Frequently Asked Questions about “My Smile Today”


 Is “My Smile Today” the same thing as ClearChoice Dental?

ClearChoice dental implant centers are a nationally-known company of dental implant specialists. While we don’t have implant specialists, our “My Smile Today” procedure is the same as a treatment you might find at ClearChoice. For this procedure, however, our dentist Dr. Brad Alderman teams up with Dr. David Rallis from Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery. Together, they complete a quick, easy procedure that will leave you smiling brightly. With this service, you want have to drive all the way to a ClearChoice Dental Implant Center, and can have this brand new set of teeth in Lincoln, Nebraska.


Who are the best candidates for “My Smile Today”?

The ideal candidates for My Smile Today” are those who are about to lose all of their teeth or are current denture wearers.


What is the cost for the “My Smile Today” prosthesis?

It’s important to remember that this is is a life-changing treatment that lasts a lifetime. This treatment can be compared to replacing your shoulder or knee. You can choose to replace your top and bottom teeth, or just one of the arches. While the average price for replacing a knee or shoulder is about $80,000 to 100,000, the average price for “My Smile Today” is only about $25,000.


What’s included in the cost of “My Smile Today”?

– Fees for the cost of a surgery
– Fees for sedation
– All dental implants
– Temporary implant bridges
– Permanent “My Smile Today” prosthesis
– All follow-up visits
– Any adjustments you may need for your new smile



Will my insurance cover this procedure?

Dental insurance may cover the cost of teeth removal, but not “My Smile Today”.


Do you offer payment plans?

We understand that this treatment is life-changing and requires a bigger financial investment. We’re happy to help you apply for a payment plan through Compassionate Health Payment Plans or for a loan at the local bank. We can discuss payment options at your Free and complimentary initial consultation.


What’s the next best option if I can’t afford “My Smile Today”?

Implant-retained dentures could be a great option for total tooth replacement. This option would allow some stability for your dentures and eliminate the need for an adhesive.



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