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Lincoln Dental Clinics: Financial Information and Affordable Dental Treatment

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Do you need affordable dental care? We offer competitive prices and convenient and affordable payment options for our patients so that you can have the smile you want today, without letting finances limit you.

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Lincoln Dental Clinics: Affordable dentists at Southpointe Dental

We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between an affordable dentist, a gentle dentist, and quality dental treatment. All of the Nebraska Family Dentistry locations offer an “affordable dentist near me” that also takes the best care possible of every patient that walks through our doors. At your appointment, our team will go over your treatment plan along with the portion your insurance estimates to cover and our convenient payment options available to you if needed.

Lincoln Dental Clinics: Affordable Payment Options and Plans for Affordable Dental Treatment

In addition to accepting most major credit cards, checks, and cash, SouthPointe Dental offers affordable dental treatment and payment plans to make paying for dental treatment in reach for more patients. If you have dental insurance, we will call your insurance to find out your limitations and go over them with you. We will also submit your claims to them for you. There are also some payment plans available that enable you to split your payments up and spread them out over time making treatment much more attainable. No insurance? No problem! Our convenient payment options can help you get the treatment you need today without worrying about having to cover the entire cost of treatment up front.

We are a preferred provider (PPO) for most dental insurances; however, we will gladly submit to whatever dental insurance plan you have.

We submit to the insurance companies listed below and more:

No Dental Insurance? No problem

Even if you do not have dental insurance, we offer affordable payment options to help you complete the treatment you need with comfortable financial arrangements. Along with our affordable dental treatment, we offer a payment option with a company that specializes in financing dental procedures. If approved, you can receive financing for 12 months without paying interest if paid within that 12 month period. This option can break up your payments into smaller portions making it more comfortable for you to pay for the treatment you need to stay healthy!

Lincoln Dental Clinics: Lincoln Dental Plans

Have you been struggling to find affordable dentistry?

Then look no further! Nebraska Family Dentistry provides an affordable dental route that eases financial stress. This dental solution is called Lincoln Dental Plans. This Program is a yearly subscription that makes your dental experience affordable. An annual fee and a nice bundle of benefits is at your personal access.

Annual Plan Benefits For Lincoln Dental Plans

All X-rays Comprehensive Exam 2 Emergency Exams 2 Routine Dental Cleanings (Every 12 Months) 25% Discount on Select Procedures

Lincoln Dental Plans offers discounts on the following procedures

Regular Cleanings
Deep Cleanings
Periodontal Maintenance
Dental Crowns (Excludes Cosmetic Crowns)
White Fillings
Root Canals
Professional Teeth Whitening
Night Guards

Start using your plan now!

Lincoln Dental Plans

The Pros of
Lincoln Dental Plans

When you sign up for Lincoln Dental Plans, there is no yearly maximum limit paid toward treatment. This includes no deductible. There is a 100% guarantee that treatment will not be denied for a discount. You don’t have to deal with claims and EOBs and even there is no waiting period.

You’ll just have to schedule your appointment then you’re in and out. Choosing Lincoln Dental plans for your treatment will not have to take time for processing, treatment right away. And even then the best part, there is no commitment. There is just a simple yearly fee. If you are looking for a beneficial and inexpensive route to visiting the dentist for dental care. Choose Lincoln Dental Plans for your dental support. For Pricing and more details about the benefits from Lincoln Dental Plans, please contact us at any of our four locations.

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