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The dentist can be a scary place for children. Many of us can express negative experiences we had when we were young about being at the dentist. It’s even more important to offer practical children’s dentistry since a child’s early habits will reinforce a lifetime of good oral health habits.

Southpointe Dental prides itself on being a part of the Nebraska Family Dentistry group. Every team member who is a part of NFD is at helping kids feel comfortable and relaxed during their time at the dentist. This means you can count on the fact that our team can take care of your whole family.



Care for Children

Dr. Sydney Joyce is excellent at treating children. Her gentle approach to dentistry and calm, friendly demeanor makes her the perfect fit for a children’s dentist. Most kids who come to Southpointe look forward to working with Dr. Joyce as she helps them feel comfortable and welcomed.

During a children’s dental appointment, dentists clean your child’s teeth and look for warning signs for further treatment. At Southpointe, we believe that good oral health starts at home. We carefully educate our patients on the newest and best techniques for caring for their child’s oral health.

Any necessary shots are easy with us, and we make it a point to help your children feel comfortable and safe. We also offer TVs, headphones, and other treatment options so kids can choose what will make them feel most comfortable.

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Children’s dentistry can be a tough gig. Finding the right team that treats your children like royalty isn’t always easy. Whatever the cause, we’re glad you found your way here.

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