Dental Bridge Problems?

Experiencing under your dental bridge problems?

dental bridge lincoln nebraska Dental Bridge Problems

At times, the tooth under a dental bridge can go bad.  Usually, this occurs because of gum infection.  If a gum infection is severe, our gentle dentists are able to remove the dental bridge problems and treat the infected tooth. Dr. Kathryn Alderman is capable of doing a minimally-invasive root canal on your infected tooth.

How do you prevent a cavity under your dental bridge?

The decaying of a tooth is a slow process. Months or years can pass before you actually see a cavity. The cause of tooth decay is commonly due to poor hygiene and a sugar-filled diet. When decay happens under a bridge, it is usually caused from the difficulty of cleaning under the bridge or the dental bridge problems being fitted incorrectly, allowing bacteria and acid to build up around the margins. It is possible to see the cavity on the area where the bridge meets the tooth. If your cavity is deeper and you have crowns it is better to do an X-ray in order to see the decay underneath your bridge. If a cavity has spread to the root, the bridge may need to be removed to treat your root canal and fit a filling in the decayed tooth. It is recommended to have x-rays at least every 24 months to identify the problem at its early stage.

Do you have discomfort under your dental bridge?

Tooth hypersensitivity may happen when the bridge sits on the tissue too hard. In this case, the only way to fix the problem is to remove your bridge and fit it properly.

In other cases, if you have discomfort under your dental bridge, you may have a tooth infection and may need a root canal or even a tooth extraction.

Does Dental Bridge Cause Bad Smell?

It is not the bridge that causes a bad smell, but the bacteria within it. A specific smell after the dental bridge procedure is a common thing. When you have bridge, there are left small gaps between gum line and the crown where the food might collect, creating favorable conditions for bacteria generation.

If the procedure of placing a dental bridge has been performed competently, the reason for bad smell is poor hygiene. So, clean your crowns properly at the gum line, use floss, and rinse your mouth after each meal. It is also advisable to use a water pick with anti-bacterial non-alcoholic mouthwash or 50% peroxide. Don’t miss your check-up meetings and professional cleanings. If you maintain a good oral hygiene, but still experience a bad smell, don’t hesitate contact your dentist to schedule an appointment.

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