Do you have a strong gag reflex? How a gentle dentist can help you.

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Gagging keeps many people from seeing the dentist. People often gag when work is being done inside their mouth, usually during x-rays, examinations, or more in-depth procedures. Many people find this embarrassing or think it is unusual. However, the truth is that gagging affects many people during dental procedures. A gentle dentist can help.  A compassionate dentist knows how embarrassing gagging can be; he or she does all they can to help the patient have a good experience.

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Why Do I Gag?

A gentle dentist is especially important for a child. Many people are born with a gag reflex or intolerance to foreign objects inside the mouth. Children are more likely to gag during a dental visit because their mouths are small. A gentle dentist knows they feel shame when they gag or when they vomit. Children are young and vulnerable. If they frequently experience trauma from gagging, they are more likely to develop a dental phobia as they become adults. A trained dentist works to prevent this type of trauma. Even though gagging can be common, having a gentle dentist makes the process more bearable. The patient becomes less self-conscious.

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How Does a Gentle Dentist Alleviate Gagging?

Having a “gentle dentist near me” can help with gagging during the dental visit. As a compassionate dentist, Dr. Kathryn Alderman makes sure her patients are very comfortable. At her disposal, she has a variety of options for those who gag at the dentist or have foreign object intolerance.

Their are several options for a gentle dentist. Before x-rays are taken, mouth rinses that dull sensation can be used to aid in the process. Also, panoramic x-rays can be used so that nothing needs to be placed inside the mouth at all during the x-ray process. Another option is sedation during the x-ray process, or even the examination process. Also during the examination, Novocain can be used, which will numb the mouth to reduce gagging.

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A gentle dentist like Dr. Kathryn Alderman will have a conversation with the patient before anything else.  As a compassionate dentist, she will learn all she can about the concerns of the patient.

A gentle dentist encourages patients to explain exactly how they feel. This way, a plan can be made for the patient that is specific.

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If you have a strong gag reflex and is looking for a gentle dentist, give us a call.

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