Beautiful and Durable Dental Crown

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Ceramic Dental Crown

Beauty and Durability Blended Together

Dr. Sydney Joyce at SouthPointe Dental recommends porcelain ceramic as an excellent type of crown for teeth that have more severe damage and are unable to be repaired with a filling.

When do you need a dental crown?

Old silver, or amalgam, fillings may last for many years. Over time these fillings can develop cracks due to temperature changes in the mouth. These temperature changes cause the metal to expand and contract. Cracks in these fillings allow bacteria to harm the tooth, leading to extensive tooth decay and the need for a root canal.

In our article, we’ll answer the following questions regarding dental crowns:

Is it painful to have a dental crown put on your tooth?

How much does a dental crown cost?

What are the disadvantages of dental crowns?

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Many patients elect to replace silver fillings because they prefer tooth-colored fillings or crowns. We believe every tooth is unique and will evaluate each tooth to determine if replacement is the right option for you.

Ceramic Nickel-Free Dental Crown: New beautiful tooth for patients sensitive to metals

Many patients have a sensitivity to metals. Our dentist in Lincoln, NE will use only metal-free and nickel-free white porcelain crowns for those patients. Read more on metal-free dentistry here

A ceramic crown covers your entire tooth to correct misshapen, crooked, and damaged teeth. A porcelain-ceramic crown will look like a natural tooth and blend flawlessly with your existing teeth. A well-cared for porcelain crown can last for many, many years. Routine dental visits in addition to an excellent home care routine will, without a doubt, maximize the life of any dental crown.

What Types of Problems Can a Mental-Free Dental Crown Fix

A dental crown is used to protect a tooth from becoming more damaged. If a tooth has significant damage a dental filling is not an adequate solution. When a tooth has severe decay, the start of a crack, or breakdown of an existing large filling a dental crown is necessary. A dental crown can make a tooth more esthetically pleasing. Dental crowns can fix decayed, broken, crooked, or discolored teeth.

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ceramic crown example from your Cosmetic dentist near me

How long doe it take to make a metal-free dental crown? Can I have the same day ceramic crown?

Dental crowns done by a cosmetic dentist near me or a family dentist in Lincoln, NE can be completed in two easy steps. Some white crowns can be the same day crowns and made at our office. Occasionally, the one-day ceramic crown can not be made as it has to be made by an outside dental laboratory.  In this case, during the first appointment, we take impressions to create a custom porcelain crown at a dental laboratory. We apply a temporary white dental crown while waiting about two weeks for your permanent crown to arrive. For the second appointment, your temporary crown is removed and replaced with the permanent crown.

What is the cost of ceramic nickel-free dental crown without dental insurance in Lincoln, NE

Ceramic and Nickel-free dental crowns are custom to your tooth and the situation so the cost can vary. The average cost of a tooth colored crown in Lincoln, NE without dental insurance is $800-$1100. The average cost of a composite filling is $150-$350 depending on the tooth and size of the filling.

We value making dental work affordable. We believe that the cost of a crown or any other dental work should not be a deterrent for receiving the necessary treatment. Whether you are seeking a family dentist in Lincoln, NE or a cosmetic dentist near me, we offer dental payment plans to help make dental treatment affordable.

What is the cost of a dental crown versus a composite filling with dental insurance in Lincoln, NE?

Because both these options are custom corrective solutions, the cost of a dental crown and composite fillings can vary.

The cost of a dental crown and composite fillings can vary. Dental crowns and composite fillings are unique to each tooth. Many insurance plans cover 80% of composite (tooth-colored) fillings and 50% of dental crowns. Our financial coordinator will contact your insurance company to learn your benefits. At your initial exam, we will inform you of the coverage your insurance offers and provide you a personalized estimate for your treatment.

Our dentists in Lincoln, NE value making dental work affordable for you because we believe that dental crown cost – or the cost of any dental work for that matter – should not deter you from having necessary treatment performed on your teeth. We do offer dental payment plans to make your dental treatment affordable.

Aside from payments plans, if you need a dental crown you likely have additional questions. Here are a few commonly asked questions regarding dental crowns:

Is it painful to have a dental crown put on your tooth?
No, getting a dental crown placed should not be painful. Our Lincoln dentists will ensure you are adequately numb prior to the placement of a dental crown.

How much does a dental crown cost?
On average, a dental crown generally costs somewhere between $1100 to $1500. A variety of factors can determine your final cost, including whether or not you have dental insurance and if crown coverage is part of your plan.

What are the disadvantages of dental crowns?
While there are many benefits to having a dental crown placed there can be some drawbacks. A few of the possible drawbacks could include: cost, sensitivity, the potential need for further repairs, or possible nerve damage.

Do know, however, that there are potential risks with any kind of medical procedure and if you feel a dental crown might be a good option for you, don’t let the cons deter you. Dental crowns are completely safe and have been proven to be extremely functional. Should you have additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask our Lincoln, NE dentists.

Is it normal to have discomfort or a toothache after placing a new dental crown?

Every time a tooth is exposed to trauma, including dental work, the nerve inside the tooth can become inflamed. This inflammation is normal. With time, the nerve inside the tooth heals, and the inflammation decreases. As the inflammation dissipates, the tenderness and sensitivity should go away.

Sometimes the nerve of a tooth is unable to recover from trauma, and the inflammation can become chronic. Chronic inflammation can lead to the death of the nerve inside the tooth. When this occurs additional dental work is necessary. Treatment may include a root canal or even extraction of the tooth.

If a dental crown was placed several years ago and you start experiencing a sharp or constant discomfort you should call our emergency “dentist near me” right away. A sudden toothache under a crown placed a year ago could be a sign of a cracked or infected tooth. If you have any questions or think you need a dental crown, give us a call today or make an appointment online.

If you have any questions or concerns, or you think you may need a dental crown, give us a call today or make an appointment online

Wishing you health and happiness,

Your Lincoln, NE dentists

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