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Do you grind your teeth? You may need a night guard.

night guard Lincoln nebraska dentistBruxism is the grinding of the teeth. Many people have this problem. Usually, teeth grinding occurs during the early part of the night and can disturb sleeping partners. Bruxism can be mild or severe.

It can also be solely occasional or maybe very frequent. When people grind their teeth, they most likely wake up with headaches, earaches, or toothaches. This problem not only causes discomfort and irritation in the mouth, but it can also do substantial damage to the natural teeth or dental restoration.

In the worst case scenario, a person develops Tempormandibular Joint Disorder, which affects the lower jaw that is connected to the bone at the side of the head. In these cases, a night guard is a good way to prevent damaging your teeth or developing dental disorders.

Checking the Symptoms of Bruxism

When a person has Bruxism, they are grinding or clenching their teeth unconsciously. There are cases where it is evident during the daytime, but usually teeth grinding is occurring at night when the person is sleeping.

So many times a person is not aware of the fact that they are grinding their teeth. To help in determining whether or not you have Bruxism, consider if you experience the following symptoms when you wake up:

  • Dull headache or migraine
  • Earaches
  • Sore jaws
  • Any tooth sensitivity, examples include temperature or when brushing
  • Sores inside the mouth
  • Inflamed gums
  • Jaw discomfort
  • Neck or shoulder discomfort
  • Dizziness

There Are Several Types of Night Guards:

  • Full and Partial Coverage

A full coverage night guard covers the entire upper and lower rows of teeth. This night guard will not modify a person’s bite, but they do protect the patient’s teeth from grinding. This night guard is the safest and most conservative, which makes it the most common.

A partial coverage night guard covers only some of the teeth, the ones that cause the problem. A partial night guard with reduce jaw clenching and teeth grinding, but it can modify your bite.

  • Soft and Hard

Most night guards are made of a hard heat-cured material of acrylic, which helps the mouth guard retain it shape and prevents the teeth from changing it. It is very durable, and it works perfectly for those who suffer from heavy teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

A different night guard is softer, and it is made of a thick poly-vinyl material. These night guards can be more comfortable. They are given to those patients who suffer only slightly from bruxism. Because they do not need an intensive solution, the soft protection is sufficient to solve their problem and to protect their teeth structure.

Also, if a person solely suffers from teeth clenching and does not suffer from teeth grinding, a soft night guard works well for them. The soft material works well to reduce the clenching force.

  • Repositioning Your Bite

Some night guards are designed to help a patient with their bite. These night guards can be either partial or full. To begin with, they are fitted to the patient’s teeth, and then they are gradually altered to move the teeth in a specific way.

  • Taking Care of Your Night Guard

After use, it is good to rinse your night guard with cool water. Once a week, a toothbrush and toothpaste should be used to give your night guard a deeper cleaning. Before putting away your night guard in its container, be sure to dry it thoroughly so that bacteria is prevented from growing.

Also, the container in which the night guard is kept should be cleaned with soap and water once a week. Your night guard should be taken to your dentist during your check-ups to ensure that it continues to work properly.

What is the cost of a night guard?

We make night guards at our office and charge $75 for a custom made, soft night guard. Call us or use online scheduling form to schedule your appointment. We make affordable night guards in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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