How much do porcelain veneers cost in Lincoln, NE?

how much do porcelain veneers cost per tooth in Lincoln NE

How much do porcelain veneers cost per tooth? Answers from cosmetic dentist in Lincoln, NE.

Many patients wanting to change their smile call us asking about porcelain veneers cost in addition to asking us questions about the process of getting veneers. The great thing about porcelain veneers is that they look beautiful and natural, they also don’t hurt in the process of getting them done. Another thing our team at Southpointe Dental can do to reduce porcelain veneers cost for patients is to include whitening as a courtesy to help patients have excellent cosmetic results. I would recommend the whitening personally, because your teeth will look balanced. When you think about it, you wouldn’t want your teeth to look like a teeth color palette. Although interesting to look at, a set of balanced white teeth will take your appearance to the next level!

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Our Cosmetic Dentist Answers: How much do porcelain veneers cost?

Porcelain veneers cost is cheaper in Lincoln, Nebraska than in some other areas of United States. The cost of porcelain veneers in Lincoln, NE is about $1200 per tooth. Most patients need anywhere from 1 to 6 veneers to achieve optimal aesthetic results. A huge plus is that we offer professional whitening with every cosmetic case to ensure the whitest color for your teeth overall prior to placing any dental veneers. We know it may be difficult to pay for dental work up-front after an appointment. So, we offer dental payment plans to help you pay for your treatment. I would suggest getting composite veneers if you can not pay as much. But composite veneers do not last as long as the porcelain veneers. The porcelain last 10-30 years (depending on how they are treated) which is why it’s worth the money.

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You may ask, what about the cost of Lumineers® in Lincoln, NE. Now, these are great but they may only last about 5-8 years and they’re not as professional looking. So, a good bet is to go for porcelain.

Dental Veneers and Instant Orthodontics from a Cosmetic Dentist in Lincoln, NE

For many patients, porcelain dental veneers can correct misaligned teeth, making them a great option for patients who desire instant orthodontics. Patients can get the same aesthetic result instantly that traditional orthodontic treatment offers without wearing braces for years.

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Procedure: How do we place dental veneers?

Veneers are usually a two-step process. After your initial cosmetic evaluation, we will prepare your teeth for veneers. At the beginning of this appointment, we’ll take an impression of your teeth. We’ll use this to fabricate your temporary veneers while you wait for your permanent veneers to be custom made in a lab. Once you are numb and comfortable, We will remove just enough tooth structure to allow the dental veneers to fit in naturally. Once our cosmetic dentists reshape your teeth, they will take another impression. They will send this mold to our dental laboratory. Your permanent veneers will be made in the lab, which takes about two weeks. After two weeks, we’ll remove your temporary veneers and have your permanent veneers ready. Finally, we’ll bond them in place, and you’ll have a new, beautiful smile.

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What are dental Lumineers®? Is the cost of Lumineers® in Lincoln, NE different from veneers?

Lumineers® are different than traditional veneers. They are thinner than a traditional veneer at only 0.2 mm and have a high translucency. Because of this they most resemble natural tooth enamel, and little to no tooth structure needs to be removed because they are so thin. For minor discoloration or changes to your smile, Lumineers® may be a great option for you. Unfortunately, Lumineers® are not a great option for fixing imperfections, such as gaps between teeth, crowding or for any other significant cosmetic changes.

Other disadvantages of Lumineers® are:

  • If no tooth structure is removed, some feel Lumineers® can look “bulky.”
  • Little room for adjustment since they are so thin
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The cost of Lumineers® in comparison to Dental Veneers?

Lumineers® can be a more expensive option than the traditional dental veneer. The cost of Lumineers® per tooth in Lincoln, NE can be around $900-$1100

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Average Cost of Dental Veneers with a Cosmetic Dentist Near Me

Southpointe Dental is committed to being an affordable dental clinic that offers competitive prices to our patients. Because of this, there are few factors that will affect the cost of dental veneers. The main factors affecting the cost of dental veneers will be case difficulty and the type of materials required to achieve the desired result. The cost of dental veneers will also depend on how many veneers you elect to have placed and if insurance or a dental discount plan will cover any of the cost. Dental veneers are an elective cosmetic procedure in most cases. Therefore, most insurance plans will not cover any of the cost of dental veneers. Although it is not typically covered under most insurance plans, it is important to check with your specific policy to see if they offer any coverage for dental veneers. Occasionally, if a tooth has sustained trauma, insurance will cover a portion of the veneer. Veneers usually cost $800-$1,000 per tooth. Fortunately, we have convenient payment options available. This is because we want you to fulfill your dreams of a beautiful smile without having to worry about paying for it all at once.

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After Getting Your Dental Veneers: Can veneers break?

You might be wondering what things will be like after having your veneers placed. You will have a bright smile that looks brand new and you’ll be able to smile confidently without feeling insecure. Be aware that it is possible to break veneers. Be wary of biting into extremely hard foods. If you do break your veneers, please call us immediately. We’ll get you in quickly and to fix your veneers and get you smiling brightly again.

Dental Insurance & Convenient Payment Options

As mentioned above, dental veneers are a cosmetic procedure. As a result, the cost of dental veneers is rarely covered by insurance. Occasionally, if a tooth sustained a crack or other concern due to an accident, you may be able eligible for insurance coverage to help with the cost of dental veneers. If no coverage is available, we offer a handful of convenient payment options.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Veneers

What is the difference between Lumineers® and porcelain dental veneers?
Both Lumineers® and porcelain veneers are made from very thin porcelain material. The main difference between the two is that Lumineers® do not require teeth to be prepared. They are bonded to the enamel of the tooth. They are much thinner than porcelain veneers. Because the tooth does not have to be reduced prior to placement, Lumineers® can make the teeth look a little bit thicker than before, which can make them seem less natural-looking than porcelain veneers. Lumineers® can also be used in cases where the tooth has only minor discolorations or a small chip. For teeth that have darker staining or to correct large spaces between teeth, porcelain veneers are a better option. The cost of Lumineers® in Lincoln, NE is typically slightly higher than porcelain veneers cost.

What are the pros and cons of dental veneers?
There are many benefits to to instant orthodontics and veneers for patients who want to change the color, shape, size, or positioning of their teeth. Dental veneers can be completed in just two visits, and give patients a beautiful, natural-looking result. Porcelain veneers are a long-lasting restoration and can last decades if well cared for. The only cons to getting veneers is that they are an irreversible procedure and cannot be undone once they are completed. Patients considering veneers should be open with their cosmetic dentist when discussing their expectations to make sure they are happy with their final result. The cost of porcelain veneers in Lincoln, NE can vary slightly. Generally, however, the cost of dental veneers are around $1200 per tooth in Lincoln, NE. This procedure is not covered by insurance and is considered a cosmetic procedure.

Are dental veneers permanent?
Dental veneers are usually a permanent tooth restoration. Patients who are thinking about getting veneers should be sure of their decision before moving forward with treatment. The dentist must remove a small layer of enamel to bond the veneer to the surface of the tooth. Dental work usually does not last our lifetime, so it is possible that patients may have to replace their veneers at some point in their lives. For patients who are not sure they want to commit to a permanent type of veneer, Lumineers® are an option. They require very little preparation of the tooth and can sometimes be a reversible procedure. The cost of Lumineers® in Lincoln, NE is slightly higher than porcelain veneers cost.

How long do dental veneers last when done by a cosmetic dentist?
Most patients can expect their veneers to last about 10 years. Many patients are able to prolong the lifespan of their veneers by going to the dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings, having good home care and wearing a nightguard every night. Habits like biting nails or chewing ice can negatively impact the longevity of your veneers.

What is the process of getting “dental veneers near me” like?
Your cosmetic dentist will numb your teeth and trim about half of a millimeter of enamel from the front of your teeth to prepare the teeth for veneers. Afterwards, your cosmetic dentist will take an impression of your teeth for your custom-veneers to be fabricated. At the second visit, your skilled cosmetic dentist will cement your veneers into place.

How to care for dental veneers?
Veneers are easy to care for. Brush twice daily, floss daily and use a fluoride based mouthwash like ACT to keep your teeth and gums healthy around your veneer. Avoid toothpastes that are meant for tartar control or contain sodium bicarbonate or baking soda ingredients as these can be too abrasive on the surface of your veneers over time. Also, use a soft-bristle toothbrush or an electric toothbrush. Avoid using your teeth to open packages. Avoid biting into hard objects like pencils or ice. If you grind your teeth, wear a nightguard. Be aware that your veneers may not last your entire lifetime and may need to be replaced. So, be sure to visit your dentist regularly for cleanings and exams to make sure your mouth is healthy.

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