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As more and more adults are discovering the advantages of enhancing their smiles through smile makeovers, the world of cosmetic dentistry has exploded. Beautiful, healthy smiles are no longer reserved for the rich and famous. We’ve reached a point in dentistry where great smiles are more affordable, more accessible, and more acceptable than ever before.
For men and women of any age, there is no shame in striving for a perfect smile. In fact, the desire for a perfect smile is no longer considered to be a vanity.A nice smile is now considered to be a sign of good health, personal responsibility, and professionalism. Enhancing your smile also means reinforcing the structure of the teeth and focusing on maintaining lifelong oral health at an optimal level.

A new smile not only changes your appearance, but it also impacts your life. The way that you feel about yourself and the confidence that you exude just can’t be overstated. If you have ever felt self-conscious or embarrassed about your smile, take a look at the many ways that cosmetic dentists can change your life. We offer multiple solutions that are custom made and designed t create natural looking and long lasting results. Our goal is to create smile makeovers that give new confidence to our patients and increased self-esteem but do not allow everyone to know that you have a “fake” smile,

At Southpointe Dental, healthy smiles go hand in hand with beautiful smiles. Our highly accomplished cosmetic dentists are proficient in all the techniques and training needed to create a smile makeover that is specific to your personal wants and desires.

In our facility, our conscientious highly trained team is prepared and willing to assist you in the process of obtaining a bright white, healthy, straight, gorgeous smile you’ll want to share with the world.

Here at Southpointe Dental, we want everyone to love their smile, and it really is achievable for every person! Our team of cosmetic experts here to restore, educate, and support you in your smile makeover journey.

Our goal is for you to feel confident enough to smile big and laugh loud!  Remember: A Healthy Smile is a Beautiful Smile.

Check out beautiful smile transformation by our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brad Alderman






Dr. Brad Alderman placed dental veneers to correct spacing
and to give his patient a beautiful and natural looking smile.





How would you like to improve your smile? Do you have Your Smile Makeover Wish?


Your Smile Makeover Wish: Whiter Teeth with Professional Teeth Whitening

As you age, you may begin to notice that your teeth are not quite the same shade of white as they were in your youth. A variety of factors can speed up the discoloration process, including chemical staining from drinking dark-colored liquids and smoking, a genetic predisposition to early yellowing, trauma to the teeth, illness or certain medications. Good news is that most teeth can be returned to a whiter shade with professional whitening treatments. .Click here to find out more about teeth whitening options.



Your Smile Makeover Wish: Instant Orthodontics with Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers offer an easy way to correct smile imperfections, such as gaps, crowding, dark color, broken teeth or misshapen. They are as thin as contact lenses and can be bonded directly to the tooth with minimal drilling, hiding gaps between the teeth. They are made of high-grade porcelain that looks natural, blends beautifully with the surrounding teeth, and is resistant to staining or discoloration. Porcelain veneers will not only hide gaps but can make teeth look whiter and more perfectly shaped. Click here. Find out more here.


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 Our Smile Makeover Gallery

Your Smile Makeover will be custom made and consists of a combination of cosmetic dentistry services, such as professional teeth whitening, teeth reshaping, dental veneers, teeth straightening or replacing missing teeth Our cosmetic dentists will create an individualized person plan for you reflecting your dreams for your perfect new smile. Your smile makeover can take as little as two weeks. The goal of each smile makeover is to create natural looking, not a fake smile, The smile you can confidently show off and be proud of for years to come. Check out smile transformation completed at our office.


Smile Makeover Gallery


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