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Take Years off with a Younger Smile Makeover

A smile makeover can help any person get the younger smile they desire. While some might think you have to travel hundreds, if not thousands, of miles, know that “a smile makeover near me” is possible. Cosmetic dentists near me right here in Lincoln, NE, can give you the smile of your dreams. Even when a person is diligent about brushing and flossing, the aging process never stops.

Most people have had to deal with cavities or even gingivitis during their life. Some have experienced other oral health issues. From birthday to birthday, you might find that the years are stomping all over your smile.

Today might be the day you choose to fix this. Dr. Brad Alderman and Dr. Joyce are here to design and complete a smile makeover for you. Are you asking yourself, “what are my smile makeover options, or where can I get a smile makeover near me?” Keep reading. We have answers!

A curious young man wondering about all of his smile makeover options.

What exactly is a smile makeover for a younger smile? Can I get a smile makeover near me?

Whether you were born with a smile, you find difficult to be proud of, or if you have been negligent in caring for your smile, a smile makeover can give you a smile that you’ve been wanting. By now, you probably know, there are a ton of smile makeover options. But, where do I go for a fabulous smile makeover near me?

Our knowledgeable cosmetic dentists at SouthPointe Dental are trained in all the latest treatments and procedures. So, giving you all of your smile makeover options, and designing a personalized smile plan for you will be a straightforward procedure.

We work with you to select the treatments that you need and the aesthetic look you want. Your smile makeover options along with a custom-designed plan, will leave nothing to chance. We will work with you every step of the way to transform your smile into the one you’ve always wanted.

Image of a man who explored all of his smile makeover options with Nebraska family Dentistry and how has a younger smile.

Smile makeovers and smile makeover options are completely customizable. Every person has specific, personal needs for their oral health, and this ranges anywhere from teeth whitening to bridgework.

While there may seem to be several smile makeover options, know that you are not alone in dealing with your oral health and dental maintenance. The fact is that many people drag their feet, getting into their dentist for cosmetic dentistry, even though they are embarrassed by the state of their mouth. A smile makeover is just what they need!

The truth is, our cosmetic dentists have seen it all. They never condemn any person for the state of their oral health or the aesthetic quality of their smile. This is exactly why we love doing what we’re doing. It’s all for our patients!

Image of a woman with younger smile because of exploring all of her smile makeover options.

Dentistry has so much to offer. The list of smile makeover options is truly endless. Aside from getting a beautiful, natural-looking smile, another critical goal we help every patient achieve is a healthier mouth. A healthier mouth means a healthier you. With a gorgeous smile, you will feel more confident. That’s right, aside from looks, a smile makeover has a ton of additional benefits. Both socially and emotionally.

So, when we say our cosmetic dentists have seen it all, we mean it. Your smile is nothing to be ashamed about. Our friendly and talented cosmetic dentists would love to discuss your smile makeover options with you. It’s what they do. While they want you to know that brushing and flossing are essential, sometimes there can be other contributing factors that determine the look of your smile. Sometimes, those factors are entirely out of your control. Dr. Brad Alderman and Dr. Joyce want you to know that with all of your smile makeover options, your smile does not have to define you anymore.

Image of a happy lady who has a whiter, brighter smile because she explored all of her smile makeover options.

What Are My Options For a Younger Smile Makeover? Where can I get a smile makeover near me?

Replacing the Old, Silver Fillings
Old fillings are known to crack, especially if they’re the silver kind. Also referred to as amalgam fillings. More so, those mercury-laced fillings aren’t healthy for you anyway. A smart investment is getting all your fillings replaced with composite, tooth-colored, non-toxic fillings.

Fixing the Broken Teeth
Even if you showed off back in the day, opening bottles or bags with your teeth, men and women of a certain age are especially susceptible to breaking their teeth. Whether it’s a molar or a front tooth, biting down wrong on a specific type of food or attempting to do things with your abrasive teeth, can cause certain damage. Such damage might include cracking, chipping, or even breaking. Unfortunately, this can be both uncomfortable and unattractive. If this occurs, however, porcelain veneers are a great fix when receiving your smile makeover. We offer professional bleaching for patients who desire dental veneers. Our goal is to give you amazing results with that “WOW” factor. We want all teeth to look brighter and whiter. Not just the ones that will have porcelain veneers.

Getting Brighter, Whiter Teeth
Many people have the desire to turn back the hands of time and slow down the aging process. Who doesn’t want to look young again? Teeth whitening is a simple and inexpensive way to shed a few years. Smiles are one of the most important aspects when making a first impression. When we meet people, we feel better when they smile. If their smile is appealing, it’s even better.

A smile that shows yellow or discolored teeth has a negative impact on how we look. It is, however, natural for a smile to lose its brightness as we age. Discoloration happens because of diet and general health. But, did you know that something as simple as whitening your teeth can give you a younger-looking smile? In our offices, we offer various teeth whitening solutions. These options include take-home trays to in-office professional whitening. The great news, there is little to no sensitivity.

Image of teeth whitening chart to help achieve a younger smile. Find a dentist to complete a smile makeover near me today.

What is our secret for little sensitivity after teeth bleaching?

We use the Opalescence® teeth whitening system. This system has specific ingredients to help minimize or even eliminate sensitivity and discomfort. Ultimately, this will leave teeth whiter and brighter in no time at all.

What does the Opalescence® system have to offer, and why do we use it? Our biggest reason for using the Opalescence® system is that it caters to all lifestyles. This teeth whitening system can be used on-the-go, at home, or you can even get immediate results when you chose to do an in-office treatment. What’s cool is that you can get professional results right at home, however. Opalescence® offers take-home gel that can help whiten teeth when used for as little as 15 minutes per day. That’s’ not all. You can also choose from melon, mint, or regular gel. Even better, the Opalescence® system has a combination of potassium nitrate and fluoride that helps prevent shade relapse and dehydration.

Even though Opalescence® can only be dispensed by a licensed professional, it’s easy. All you have to do is ask!

Minding the Tooth Gaps
Most people hate having gaps in their teeth. Unless it’s farther back and much less noticeable. However, even if you have been able to hide the gap in your teeth, the state of your lips and cheeks are betraying your secret. Holes in your smile give a sunken appearance to your cheeks and jaw. This causes you to look older than you are. Filling in the “blanks” could be an essential part of your smile makeover!

For this reason, a dental implant could be an excellent option. Why? Dental implants do not get cavities and can last a lifetime. Plus, dental implants can help you regain your normal function, getting you back to the things you once did. Eating regularly and smiling big. Not only does smiling make you and others around you feel better, but it can also be a sign of confidence. There is truly nothing more attractive than a confident smile.

Correcting Gum Disease
If you have missing teeth that weren’t accidentally knocked out, chances are they were lost to gum disease. When your gums become infected, they are unable to hold your teeth in place the way that they should. Eventually, your teeth will become loose and fall out.

Before any cosmetic dentistry can take place, one of our gentle, caring dentists will need to restore the foundation of your mouth. This means we may need to treat gingivitis or periodontal disease. Treating other things occurring within the mouth before completing a smile makeover will help create a solid and stable surface.

Image of one of the catering team members.

What can be done for patients if their teeth cannot be saved?

This revolutionary, highly skilled approach replaces all problem teeth. This procedure will get rid of infected, broken, and damaged teeth and replace them with a permanent, beautiful looking implant-retained bridge: ” Your Smile Today.”

This approach takes teamwork between a dental implant dentist and a hybrid prosthesis dentist. Together, this team will create a younger, healthier smile. This too is an option when searching for a smile makeover near me. Cosmetic dentists right here in Lincoln, NE can perform the hybrid prosthesis procedure.

Image of the outter portion of the "My smile today" brochure for a younger smile.
Image of the innerr portion of the "My smile today" brochure for a younger smile.

It is never too late for a Younger Smile. Start Exploring Your Smile Makeover Options today…

You don’t have to go clear to the West Coast to get a dazzling, healthy smile. This smile can be created for you right here in Lincoln, Nebraska at Southpointe Dental. Finding caring, qualified professionals to complete a smile makeover near me doesn’t need to be hard.

Our cosmetic dentists have 23 years of combined experience. Moreover, they have a passion for bringing out the greatest in every smile. Dr. Alderman and Dr. Joyce take pride in giving patients the smiles they want and the care they deserve.

If you have had cosmetic dentistry in the past, you may have had some disappointments. However, the methods of cosmetic dentistry have improved so drastically, that any updates you make to your smile will now be well worth the investment. Talk to Dr. Alderman or Dr. Joyce about your smile makeover options today.

“A smile makeover near me” is possible. To make sure your most incredible smile happens, please contact our cosmetic dentistry office serving Lincoln, NE, for a consultation. Our Southpointe cosmetic dentists would love to discuss your smile makeover options and goals to help create a plan JUST FOR YOU! Each plan will specifically fit your wants and needs, so you can get the results you’ve always wanted.

A “WOW,” from a satisfied patient, is our ultimate GOAL.

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