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Cosmetic Dentistry: Your Key to a Better Smile

Find out how our cosmetic dentistry team can help. First, you’ll need to know a little bit more about what cosmetic dentistry has to offer.

How can cosmetic dentistry improve your life?

Few of us realize the sheer impact of our smiles. We use them at home, at work, while we’re out and about. Our smile allows us to speak and eat, two essential parts of being human. And although we use them often, we don’t always understand how much it affects us if we don’t feel good about our smile. Dissatisfaction with a person’s smile can lower their confidence greatly. In turn, it can even affect the course of a person’s life.

At SouthPointe Dental, our cosmetic dentists in Lincoln, NE, understand how important our smile really is and we also understand that not everyone has access to great dental care. That’s why we’ve worked hard over the years to develop payment plans, convenient locations throughout Lincoln, and an overall “can-do” attitude.

Today, beautiful smiles are just a phone call away. Don’t hesitate to call us at 402-423-3333 with any questions or concerns. We’d be happy to help you!

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Cosmetic Dentistry Near Me at SouthPointe Dental in Lincoln, NE

We offer dental veneers, teeth whitening, caps (crowns), gum re-contouring, implant-retained dentures, and much more! Our attention to detail and commitment to quality makes our work stand out.

As mercury-free, cosmetic dentists in Lincoln, NE, we can replace your damaged silver fillings with white, composite fillings. Whether it’s a simple professional teeth whitening procedure or a complete smile makeover, we know you’ll love your results.

We can create a beautiful smile right here in Lincoln, Nebraska, at Southpointe Dental. Our cosmetic dentistry team has a combined 23 plus years of experience and gorgeous before and after of cosmetic dentistry photos. Dr. Alderman and Dr. Joyce both offer cosmetic dentistry in Lincoln, NE, and take pride in giving patients the smile they want and the care they deserve.

So, what’s the difference between a general dentist and a cosmetic dentist? The difference between a general dentist and a cosmetic dentist is that a dentist focuses on offering several types of services for the entire family such as dental exams, x-rays, dental cleanings, and more.

A cosmetic dentist focuses on the aesthetics of a person’s smile. Both general and cosmetic dentists, however, can do many of the same things such as teeth whitening and filling cavities. In short, a cosmetic dentist is already a general dentist who has extensive experience in smile restoration.

Watch Dr. Sydney talk about some of her favorite procedures

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Cosmetic Dentistry: Straighten Up and Smile Bright

In our office, you can choose your professional cosmetic dentistry team. Our goal is to help you align your teeth, for both confidence and good health.

We can help you accomplish a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime by simply completing instant orthodontics. Find out more about instant orthodontics in our dental clinic with a cosmetic dentist in Lincoln, NE.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Pearly Whites are a Definite Plus!

It’s easy for us to brighten, whiten, and freshen up teeth that have been stained and discolored. You’ll experience a major confidence boost when you see your bright white smile in the mirror. You’ll also be eager to show off those pearly whites! Smoking, foods, and drinks all help progress the discoloration and dulling of your teeth, but our professional teeth whitening can wipe all those stains away. Find out more about teeth whitening.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Metal Fillings are a Thing of the Past

Metal fillings are not only considered clinically unhealthy because of their mercury content, but they’re also unattractive and stand out in your smile. It only takes one visit to our “cosmetic dentist near me” to replace an old metal filling with a safe, metal-free filling. With our white porcelain fillings, no one will be able to tell that you have fillings at all. Find out more about our metal-free fillings.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Bridging the Gaps for an Awesome Smile

Our cosmetic dentistry team might also recommend filling in a missing tooth or teeth with a dental bridge.  If a gap is left, it not only causes the wearer to hide their smile, but it can change the shape of the face and the way the person speaks.

The loss of a tooth or teeth shouldn’t be ignored. With the help of a cosmetic dentist in Lincoln, NE and their team, you can find the right solution. Learn more about your options for tooth implants.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Take Advantage of Dental Implants

Whether you’ve lost your teeth because of an accident, periodontal disease, or something completely different, we’re here to help. Dental implants can give you a brand new smile by replacing missing teeth. With implants, a new tooth or a set of teeth is held in place by dental implants in the jaw to give you a full, beautiful smile.

If you have had a tooth extraction, you will need to wait approximately ten weeks to receive your dental implant. Waiting allows the extraction site and gum tissue time to heal so that it can support the implant. Read more about dental implants at our office.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Consultations

There is nothing that should keep you from experiencing the smile you deserve. No matter what kind of dental issues you may be experiencing, our cosmetic dentists in Lincoln, NE, have a solution to provide you with the smile you deserve. Your satisfaction with results will is our ultimate goal.

Schedule a cosmetic consultation using the online form below, or call our office at 402-423-3333. You can also see a cosmetic dentist at our North, West, East, or Central location if it’s more convenient for you.

If you’re still on the fence about cosmetic dentistry in Lincoln, NE, here are a few commonly asked questions with answers to help guide you in the decision-making process.

How do I find the best Lincoln cosmetic dentist in my area for completing a cosmetic smile makeover?

Everyone has their definition of “best,” and because of that, one of the most reliable ways to find a great dental provider is to ask for referrals from family, friends, coworkers, or even neighbors. Checking credentials, looking at before and after cosmetic dentistry photos, and scheduling a consultation to meet your potential cosmetic dentist in Lincoln, NE, are all excellent ways to find skilled dental care.

When considering all the different kinds of cosmetic dentistry, how can I possibly find the best cosmetic dentist near me in Lincoln, NE?

Using resources that are available online such as the American Dental Associations Find-A-Dentist tool and reviews from sources such as Google, you’ll be able to narrow down dental providers who are near you. From there, ask around – ask family or friends for their recommendations. Referrals by word-of-mouth are sometimes the best-you’ll get honest, unbiased opinions from those who have had the first-hand experience.

Where is the best place to go for cosmetic dentistry near me in Lincoln, NE?

The “best” place to go for cosmetic dentistry varies, but cosmetic dentistry should be done in a dental office without a doubt. For example, if you seek dental implants, you would want to find a Lincoln cosmetic dentist who has placed several implants. The same would go for dental veneers or any other variation of cosmetic dentistry.

The bottom line is to be sure to do your homework. Make certain the cosmetic dentist in Lincoln, NE, that you are considering is trained or is highly skilled in the area of dentistry you are considering. Ask coworkers, friends, or family for their opinion and referrals. Talking with others is one of the top ways to find top-notch dental care to help you complete Your Smile Wish.

Does dental insurance cover a cosmetic smile makeover or cosmetic dentistry?

Nearly all cosmetic dentistry cases are done to improve the appearance of teeth, which ultimately will enhance the appearance of your smile. Therefore, cosmetic procedures are almost always considered elective. An elective procedure is a particular procedure that is not considered medically necessary, which means dental insurance likely won’t cover the cost. Luckily, however, our team at Southpointe Dental offers affordable dentistry and excellent dental payment plans.

What dental concerns can cosmetic dentistry fix?

Cosmetic dentistry can fix an array of dental concerns – everything from cracked, misaligned, chipped, stained, or even missing teeth can be fixed. Any of our skilled cosmetic dentists in Lincoln, NE, can review options that would benefit your smile.

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Your Smile Wish

Looking for options to restore or enhance your smile? Check our the PDF version of Your Smile Wish.

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