Does A Root Canal Procedure Hurt?

Root Canal Procedure is No Longer a Nightmare

Doing a root canal has changed enormously over time, just as most other dental procedures have. With the advancement in technology, our dental staff is able to perform root canals that are of a better quality and more comfortable. This saves patients from having to have teeth extracted or losing permanent teeth as much they did several years ago. A tooth that becomes infected may be saved by undergoing a root canal; this also removes any discomfort that the patient was previously experiencing. A tooth that is sensitive to hot or cold, causes you discomfort in some way, or leaves you with swelling or a fever may be in serious need of a root canal. If the tooth is left unattended, not only will you experience severe discomfort, but extensive damage can occur in the jawbone.

Does root canal hurt? Typically, it does not. Dr.Kathryn Alderman at our office has performed thousands of root canals and patients agree: root canal is an easy procedure.

We also offer sedation medicine for patients that have dental anxiety to make a root canal procedure is even more relaxing.



What is the cost for a root canal?

We are proud to offer affordable dentistry at our locations. We keep our prices low and root canal procedure cost if affordable at our offices as we by accept PPO dental insurances, offer dental payment plans and payment options. We also work with Lincoln Dental plans in order to be able to provide affordable dental care to patients who do not have dental insurance.

The average price for a  root canal in Lincoln, Nebraska is $ 400 to 900 depending on if you need a root canal on a front or a back tooth (root canals for back teeth cost more.)

If you have a dental insurance, your plan may cover a certain portion of it.

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