Sedation Dentistry Pill

 New Vistas for a Frightened Dental Patient: The Sedation Dentistry Pill


An amazing new development has occurred in the past five years that helps greatly with maintaining comfort during dental procedures; this is known as the sedation dentistry pill.

In many places, it is being marketed as “sleep dentistry,” which is really not accurate.  When using the sedation dentistry pill Triazolam, we are able to safely relax any person to the point where they have no problem tolerating any of the treatment that needs accomplished; often we do this in a single dose of the sedation dentistry pill.

Triazolam is one of the safest drugs on the market for sedation dentistry. Although is has been sold as a sleeping pill, it has a very good one-time effect. Many patients are awake through their entire dental procedure, but remain calm and relaxed as they couldn’t have without the sedation dentistry pill.  On return to our office, patients report that they slept very well during part of the day after their treatment; more so, they do not recall much about their experience in the chair!

Today, using modern dentistry, patients shouldn’t experience any significant discomfort during the process of their dental work. However, if a patient suffered severe trauma as a child when visiting the dentist, it is almost impossible to shake off his or her fear of visiting us. The sedation dentistry pill has a fantastic affect on people such as these.  The limitations that go along with the sedation dentistry pill are these: being limited for the rest of the day, and not being able to drive or do anything else that requires complete awareness.  Regardless, most people wish to sleep for four to five hours after treatment anyway.

If you know any person who has significant dental concerns, and may be too afraid to take care of them, have them call us.  We will be more than happy to explain all about sedation dentistry and the sedation dentistry pill.  It is truly an amazing answer to the long-standing problem of dental fear.

Wishing you health and happiness,

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