Missing a tooth? Find out about tooth implant

Do you wonder about a tooth implant?

before- tooth- implant-for-a -missing -tooth
Before Tooth Implant: replacing a missing tooth
After Tooth Implant: replacing a missing tooth

How to replace a missing tooth?

If you are missing teeth, your confidence level may be affected. Besides affecting your confidence level, missing teeth may require you to chew on one side, putting too much pressure on those teeth and your jaw joints. Missing teeth can also cause your lips and cheeks to “sink,” causing you to look prematurely older. Finally, missing teeth can lead to other teeth shifting, creating a compromised ability to chew.

First Solution: A Tooth Implant

A titanium screw is placed beneath your gum and heals to the bone in your jaw in the area of the missing tooth. Once the dental implant is integrated into the bone, it will act as the root of the missing tooth. A dental crown can then be made to fit onto the implant. Implants look and feel like natural teeth. At SouthPointe Dental a “dentist near me” can explain in great detail the benefits of a tooth implant.

Another Solution: Fixed Bridge

Fixed bridge is a type of restoration that replaces or spans the space where one or more teeth have been lost. A fixed bridge is cemented into place using teeth adjacent to the missing space to support a crown over the area of the missing tooth or teeth. A bridge will match the shape and color of your surrounding teeth to provide a natural appearing result.

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