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extreme smile makeover dentist near me in Lincoln NE

Extreme Smile Makeover

Instant makeover shows are extremely popular on television because viewers get the satisfaction of watching the process of the makeover in an expedited manner, no matter how significant the improvements made. When patients decide they are ready to change their smile and move forward with an extreme smile makeover, we know that they are anxious to receive fast and precise results. Usually patients have been thinking about changing the appearance of their smile for years before they finally move forward with treatment. Once they have made their decision, they want fast results.

At Southpointe Dental, we have helped hundreds of patients create the smiles of their dreams utilizing the most beautiful dental materials and advanced techniques available. We spend lots of time with patients discussing their expectations, any concerns they have as well as going over various treatment options so that our patients can feel confident with the treatment they choose. We know that choosing to do an extreme smile makeover is a big decision that will impact a person’s life significantly.

extreme smile makeover dentist near me in Lincoln, NE

We want our patients to be happy with their smiles because we know that a healthy smile brings out the good in people. We have the skills to help someone find their authentic smile. When a patient is seeking help for aesthetic concerns or for an extreme smile makeover, the first visit will look something like this:

The first step is a consultation where we interview our patients to determine their needs and desires to understand the expectations and desired results that will make the patient happy. Part of this includes a thorough exam to assess the overall dental health of the patient, including gum and bone health, health of the teeth as well as the patient’s bite and jaw.

Extreme smile makeover dentist near me Lincoln, NE

Before starting any treatment, we take photographs and impressions of the teeth to create study models for our dentists. In many cases, our Lincoln cosmetic dentists will recreate the desired appearance using models to ensure your satisfaction before performing the treatment. These evaluations allow us to guarantee the patient will be happy with their results of an extreme smile makeover.

After the first visit, you’re only a few steps away from a long-lasting smile that you’re sure to love. We’re usually able to give the final restoration to the patient by the second visit, and subsequent visits can be made as necessary for any follow-up or adjustments.

Check out some of our extreme smile makeover cases completed by your Lincoln cosmetic dentists:



cosmetic dentiat Lincoln NE


Lincoln- NE- dentist-nickle-free-ceramic-crown-example


Lincoln- NE- dentist-nickle-free-ceramic-crown-example


With that short process, your extreme smile makeover will be complete! If you have any questions or concerns about this process, or you’re ready to improve your smile, call us today at (402) 423-3333, or make an appointment online at any of the Nebraska Family Dentistry locations.

You can also learn more about cosmetic dentistry for an extreme smile makeover at here.

What is an extreme smile makeover?

Extreme smile makeovers are customizable based on a patient’s individual concerns and dental health. For some patients, an extreme smile makeover may include replacing missing teeth with prosthetics, for others it may be as simple as reshaping teeth, whitening teeth or using veneers or crowns to change the position, shape, size or color of teeth.

How much is a full dental makeover?

Extreme smile makeovers can vary in cost depending on the treatment rendered. If multiple teeth require crowns or replaced, the cost can increase. To get an accurate estimate of the cost, it is a good idea to search ‘dentist near me’ online and schedule a consultation with a local dentist. Once an evaluation of your teeth has been made, your dentist will be able to give you treatment options and a cost estimate based on your area and treatment needs.

Can a dentist straighten teeth without braces?

Search ‘dentist near me’ in Lincoln, NE to find a provider who can schedule a consultation with you. For some patients, treatment called ‘instant orthodontics’ is an option which utilizes crowns and veneers to realign teeth.

Where can I find a dentist near me who accepts payment plans for extreme smile makeover?

At Southpointe Dental, we want our patients to have the beautiful smiles they have always wanted at an affordable price. We work hard to provide competitive pricing for patients. We offer a variety of payment options including Care Credit as well as Lincoln Dental Plans. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about payment options. Call our office for more information.

How can I find a good cosmetic dentist near me in Lincoln, NE?

When it comes to an extreme smile makeover, it is important for patients to feel confident in the skills of the cosmetic dentist they choose. An excellent way to find a good cosmetic dentist is to read online reviews. Another way is to ask to see example photos of smile makeover results your cosmetic dentist has done at your consultation.

Where can I get affordable dentist near me for my extreme smile makeover?

It’s a good idea to do your research when it comes to understanding competitive pricing in your area. Schedule consultations with dentists in your area. Please ask lots of questions during your visit. At the end of your consultation, ask for an estimate for the treatment discussed.

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